1. Point your browser at the extension url
  2. choose the option to save it to your disk. Do not open especially if you are using Firefox to download it
  3. open the extension file with Firefox using File-> Open File ...
  4. confirm you want to install it when prompted
  5. if there is a tab with CAAP running please reload that page. If not please restart Firefox.


  1. Point chrome to the extension url
  2. choose to continue downloading
  3. click install when prompted
  4. reload the page if you have already a tab with castle age running.

WARNING : if your browser won't let you install extensions that aren't from chrome web store, please see instructions here to install CAAP.

Autoupdate FeatureEdit

Once you installed Chrome/Chromium extension , the browser should update CAAP automatically, without user interaction, as soon there is a new version, this works with latest versions >=d25 but should also work with previous versions starting from d14.

CAAP uses Chrome/Chromium autoupdate feature enabled by default, this feature schedule a check on each installed extension every few hours. To get auto update working be SURE to have automatic updates enabled on extensions page. Obviously you can always install it manually using install instruction provided above if something goes wrong with autoupdate or simply you don't want to wait "a few hours". :)